Are You Betting on Too Many Sports?

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Are You Betting on Too Many Sports?

You may have heard that you can now bet on any kind of sporting event in Virginia no matter what its league or cup title. Yes. Sports betting officially became legalized in Virginia on July 1st, 2021, thanks to the passage of HB 896 & SB 384 by the General Assembly and the Governor Pat McCrory. The law makes it legal for any individual, even non-residents, to place a bet on any sporting event in Virginia.

But why is that necessary? Well, the first reason is that Virginia is not yet fully integrated as a legalized sports betting market. Although some jurisdictions already allow online gambling and virtual casinos, there is still no legal inter-connectivity between licensed casinos and their brick-and-mortar competition. This means that many Virginians who want to take advantage of the opportunity to wager on sports teams or matches may be discouraged by the lack of available betting opportunities at online casinos. Online bookmakers do not have the same access as brick and mortar casinos to create and maintain market access, which means they cannot guarantee the same quality of stakes as regulated casinos.

The second reason is that there is currently no legal way for Virginians to wager on live betting on college sports. This includes baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, and lacrosse. Live soccer games are also impossible to bet on due to the lack of league approval and infrastructure. The NCAA and NAFL have live betting regulations in place, but these governing bodies have no control over which games can be bet on live.

So, what is left for Virginia? Virginia has approved the establishment of a lottery for bowl games, soccer tournaments, and other non-professional sports events. However, it will be years before any amount of money from the lottery will be made available. Until then, the only option open to Virginia sports enthusiasts is potentially placing bet on college sports teams and tournaments.

Unlike Virginia, New Jersey is home to numerous licensed gambling establishments. While this may help to foster a larger sense of community in the Garden State, many residents in New Jersey still feel left out of New Jersey’s love affair with sports betting. As such, many are electing to place their bets in Virginia despite having to travel across the bridge. While the majority of participants in the state’s weekly ballgames are Virginians, many residents in New Jersey still prefer to make their bets in the New Jersey sports books.

Because there are so few in-state bookmakers, some sports betting sites have decided to go above and beyond and offer free betting advice to members. This service allows users to place bets on upcoming events, but users must first review the information provided by the website and make their decision. If you’re unfamiliar with the free advice offered, the website may also provide in-depth statistical analysis about popular sports teams and players. The New Jersey sportsbooks that provide this service do so in an effort to woo more New Jersey residents to patronize their sportsbook.

So now we have the short answer to the original question: which is better, Virginia or New Jersey? While both sportsbooks offer different benefits to their patrons, the bottom line is that most users would likely benefit from going with a website that offers its patrons free advice. Most Virginian sportsbooks offer a variety of advice free of charge, while many of the New Jersey sportsbooks do not. In the end, your choice of which sportsbook to use ultimately comes down to your individual needs and preferences.

In short, if you live in the New Jersey area, you are probably better off going with a Virginian sportsbook. However, if you do travel to Virginia, it might be worth it to make your bets at one of the New Jersey sportsbooks. Just be sure to take advantage of all of the tools offered by each of your favorite sportsbooks. As you know, no matter where you make your bets, there are some people who will tell you that knowledge is power. By taking full advantage of all the statistical analysis tools provided by your favorite sportsbook, you can ensure that you win more of your bets on sports events, whether you are in Virginia or New Jersey.

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